Sell without compromising your values - I'll show

you how.

Discover a dignified approach that leads to better results for you,

and your clients with Harry Spaight.

Small business fail in the very first year

Small startups fail within the first five years

Only consider themselves very effective

at selling their products/services

These statistics shouldn’t discourage you from selling.

Let me show you how a "Serve First" attitude leads to

sales success without sleazy tactics.

By prioritizing the needs of your customers, you'll naturally attract sales without resorting to pushy tactics or guilt trips. Be true to yourself and let your authentic service shine through

Discover the hidden joys of selling! Uncover the fulfillment that comes from understanding your clients' needs and challenges. Transform from a salesperson to a trusted advisor, guiding your clients towards solutions that truly benefit them. Embrace the journey of selling and watch as it brings you both personal and professional satisfaction!

Who treats the potential buyer with dignity?We make it all about them and what they need. Instead of pushing ourselves on people, we serve them then politely and respectfully ask for the business when it’s appropriate.

You should not avoid sales.

Check this video and understand how selling without being Pushy is possible!

Why Harry Spaight.

Experience That Counts, Results That Speak

Harry has sold millions in technology and led sales teams responsible for hundreds of millions in revenue over the past 25 years.

He is a hands-on practitioner of Selling With Dignity and will tirelessly work with people so they can succeed.

How can we help you?

We offer comprehensive programs and engaging workshops that equip individuals with the skills to cultivate a serve-first sales approach, meeting the evolving needs of today's discerning buyers.

Sales Coaching

Let's first chat about where you're at in your sales journey and then we can tailor a plan to elevate your sales approach and propel your business forward.


Join our dynamic Mastermind group and engage in stimulating discussions on relevant sales topics. Leverage the collective wisdom of the group to tackle your unique challenges and emerge with actionable strategies for success.

Boot Camps

Immerse yourself by dedicating time to explore and master proven sales practices. Expand your knowledge, hone your skills, and unlock your full potential for growth.

Here Are The Brands We've Worked With

Don't just take my word for it.

I got off that call a completely different person and I’m not kidding.

People are more interested and excited than the ones dragging their feet. And to those people, I stepped up and told them what a bargain they were getting for this opportunity.

Now I have 6 paid commitments, which before as I said I had only 2!! Everything you said is spot on. Thank you so much!

Char (Charlotte) M.

Believe Inspire with Char Murphy

In my 25 years of working with sales leaders in the office technology industry, Harry stands out as a true champion. You can tell he deeply cares about his people.

The combination of being people-oriented and forward-thinking drives excellent results.

It's a true privilege and pleasure to work with him--highly recommended!

Darrell A.

Strategic Growth Advisor

Harry Spaight is one of the most inspiring people I know. he has a way of connecting with people that is raw and powerful.

He has not only brought a massive amount of value to my life, he has impacted my very existence.

His book, Selling With Dignity will have the same effect on so many that pick it up and read.

Dale Dupree

CEO of The Sales Rebellion

Free Preview - Selling with Dignity

Learn the formula for life changing sales results!

Selling With Dignity: The Power of Honoring Yourself and Your Customers. Instead of viewing sales as a numbers game, transform your sales approach from manipulative tactics to genuine connection.

Discover the art of building trust and respect and watch as your business thrives through authentic relationships.

This groundbreaking book provides a roadmap for sales professionals who desire to elevate their craft and leave behind the sleazy stereotypes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I close more business without feeling pushy?

    I will teach you how to spend your time with people who need what you offer and set solid next steps they agree to.

  • Does the concept of serving others in sales, actually work?

    Yes! Take it from Gary Vaynerchuk- Truly wanting to help is the best strategy.

  • I'm an introvert, can I learn how to sell and be successful?

    Yes, I will teach you how to focus on the needs of the prospect as one who serves.

  • How can small business owners who dislike sales, succeed?

    I've worked with hundreds of business owners and we mostly worked on their mindset. Selling like a server in a fine dining restaurant is the approach you want to take.

  • If I don't like selling, should I hire someone to sell for me?

    You are the one best suited to sell yourself and your services. A change in attitude will serve you better. Selling is natural and is an act of service to others if done right.

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